A Strawberry Moon

Tonight skywatchers around the Northern Hemisphere will witness a Strawberry Moon, a full moon on the Summer Solstice. We’ll not be among them. With a mountain covered in trees blocking our view of the eastern sky it will be hours before the moon will be visible to us at Tween Creeks and then only if the cloud cover clears. After today’s hike and an evening spent in front of the firepit the two of us are ready to hit the sack. But not without remembering our Summer Solstice  ten years ago when we went hiking at Midnight in Talkeetna, Alaska!

  1. Lynn Ball

    Your story about being too tired to see the summer solstice moon made me smile. You made me remember our Alaska trip 27 years ago at summer solstice time. I had forgotten. We didn’t hike but we were in Anchorage for their annual midnight baseball game. Unfortunately, we were too tired to attend! We loved Alaska and plan on completing one of our bucket list items next summer. We are taking the girls, husbands and grandkids to Alaska. We’ve waited until the twins will be old enough-want them to remember spectacular Alaska. Enjoy your trip this summer. Be safe! We will be following your travels as you post. Hugs to you both.

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