Riley & Grandpop

The visit was all too brief. Just long enough to help Dave and Rhonda unload the woodworking equipment and get it stowed in their garage. The next morning the news was that a winter storm was on its way so Grandpop and Riley had to get in as much snuggle time as possible quickly not to mention time with Dave & Rhonda and four legged family members.

Shopsmith Transfer

Early this morning Steve and Gary rented a truck and loaded all of Steve’s woodworking equipment to take to David in North Canton, Ohio. Steve has been using the Shopsmith less and less through the years and now is actively engaged in silversmithing. Dave is earnestly interested in learning wordworking. Hopefully he has enough space for all of this equipment! Although there really was enough room on the truck, the term “Ramming Speed!” was heard at least once during the loading process.

Azaleas in Bloom

The azaleas are in glorious bloom. It is wonderful yet bittersweet to wander among these bushes in our front yard. It is because we love the azaleas that we planted them here several years ago. Each year the bloom is more prolific than the last but most likely next year someone else will be enjoying this glorious azalea bloom as their own. For now we are enjoying it to the hilt and trying to chronicle all the blossoming glory on our little piece of property.

Retreat Weekend

The two of us spent Saturday night and Sunday in Tampa with Greg and CJ. Steve and Greg did a guys weekend at Greg’s apartment. Greg took his Dad on a tour of John Knox Village where he works in the Maintenance department. Karen spent the night watching chick flicks with CJ at her apartment and toured the USF Campus with an emphasis on the buildings where CJ takes classes. We finished up the weekend by watching the Superbowl at Greg’s apartment.

Old College Notes

It’s been nearly 33 years since we graduated from college yet we both still have most of our textbooks and class notes. Today was a beautiful day and the two of us spent it on the back deck sorting through these old notes and getting rid of a lot of them. We’ve save a few representative notes for ourselves and a few notebooks to pass on to our kids, but most of the bulk have gone the way of all good things.

The Journey Home

Once off the ship we headed for home via bus. Michael met us at the Pinellas Park stop, strapped luggage to the roof of the Volvo then stuffed four of us and more luggage into the car saving just barely enough room to fit in Emily and Matthew. From our house we dropped off friend Ed then proceeded to Santiago Court with brother Ed. There we dined on fabulous Cuban sandwiches. We eventually arrived home about ten that night.

Beach Day

Spent the day enjoying the Caribbean sun and surf. Watched the parasailers and wondered if we were watching our friends Mike & Mary. Kept count of the number of umbrella drinks consumed by friend Ed. Back on board ship we relaxed until evening then enjoyed another night of fun and as much dancing as we can fit into one evening.