Our Modifications

As much as we love the design of our camper, we have made some changes. Although some of these could easily be DIY projects, in our case all have been installed by nüCamp.

Duckbill Drain Valve

Under the sink storage is a very valuable area. Originally we had a rather large U-shaped water trap. By raising up the piping and replacing the u-trap with a duckbill drain we were able to free up a lot of space for extra storage.

110 Outlet Under Kitchen Sink

We like to use a small vacuum cleaner to keep our floor clean. This way when we need to charge the unit it doesn’t need to sit on the the table or countertop or other inconvenient place. An outlet in the storage area allows us to keep it out of the way and ready to use.

Tank and Valve Heaters

Ever just wanted to extend your travel season? We have been in New England in the fall for leaf change, and Crater Lake in September when the temperatures got down to 20°F at night. This mod adds flat heater pads to tanks and drain valves and draws little enough power that we can run it off our batteries while boondocking. We used four 13″x3″  (two per fresh and gray tanks) and two 8″x3″ pads (on the piping next to the gray and black valves) for a collective amp draw of about 3.8 amps. All are wired to a single rocker switch (located just above the monitor panel near the entry). We have successfully used it both off grid and on shore power. We designed it for occasional use during the shoulder seasons, not for continuous use while winter camping and consistently below freezing temperatures.

AC Filter Access

Originally access in our 2018 T@B 400 to the air conditioning filter involved removing the dinette table as well as the drivers side bench cushions and the compartment cover. This mod provides easy assess to the AC filter by hinging the seat. With just a simple cut and a couple of hinges you can easily reach into the compartment under the driver’s side dinette seat and retrieve your Cool Cat air conditioner filter for regular cleaning.

Alde Modifications

A couple of options that you can order are:

  • 1) A battery back up. It’s a simple clip that holds 2 AA batteries so that if you ever disconnect your camper battery you do not have to reset your Alde controls.
  • 2) An probe so that the outdoor temperature can appear on the control screen.

Storage Access Prop

This mod enables us to safely access the storage area under the bed. It’s a simple folding table leg attached to the underside of the middle section of the bed platform.

Winterizing Valve

This kit is a permanent installation into the water line from the fresh water tank to water pump under the wardrobe in our 2018 T@B 400. It allows us to bypass the fresh water supply line and use the T@B water pump to fill the fresh water lines with antifreeze. The Kit comes with a short tube that you insert into a gallon of RV antifreeze. We opted for a tube (approx. 6 ft long) that we got from nüCamp so that the gallon jug sits on the floor outside the closet. This makes the winterizing project a whole lot easier.

MaxxAir Deluxe

Originally we upgraded to a 10 speed, remote controlled FanTastic Fan because of the rain sensor feature. Ironically, that’s what we don’t like about it. At the first drop of rain the fan shuts down. We love the upgrade to the MaxxAir. The biggest benefit to the fan’s design is the ability to run when it is raining, to run in ceiling fan mode when closed, and many more remote control options. It’s available in white or smoke color.