Planning a trip? Dreaming of travel? Perhaps some of our adventures could inspire yours! Over the last several years we’ve had the distinct pleasure of many cross country journeys traveling though the Lower 48 in tents and our various teardrop campers as well as an amazing Alaska adventure that did not involve a camper. To learn more about our day to day adventures, recent blog posts are below. To learn more about Steve & Karen, click on the About Us link. All Things T@B is about using and caring for T@B trailers. Every other link is about travel adventures. Enjoy exploring, and leave us comments! We love hearing from you. And if you’d like to follow us, Subscribe by signing up at the bottom of this page.

The Isabella Is Up

It’s the newest addition to our T@B lifestyle. We invested in an Isabella T@B 400 Sun Canopy from All Pro Adventures. Manufactured in Denmark, this canopy has been designed specifically for the T@B 400 and is remarkably sturdy and well made. Because All Pro Adventures is located in Sugarcreek, Elton offered, when we placed the order, to personally deliver the awning and demonstrate how to put it up. Unfortunately his visit coincided with the cold blustery wind that preceded Tuesday night’s snow storm. He was however, able to give us and overview of the procedure and we then had the distinct pleasure of giving MaKayla, Bethany, and Joshua a tour of our T@B. Now, two days later, Amanda has come to the rescue. She and her daughter recently figured out how to set up her new Isabella so she is now a seasoned veteran. We have to say that the Isabella is a bit more complicated that any other awning or side tent we’ve had with out teardrops campers. We’re now in the market for a two step stool to assist in the process, but we’re quite pleased with its stability and quality. It’s going to definitely up the comfort of our campsite when we set up for multi-night stays.

Ameli@ Arrives at TimberCrest

Another rendezvous at TimberCrest and another T@B 400 & Red F-150 Combo! Amanda with Bert, her trusty tow vehicle, arrived towing Ameli@, her home on wheels, after a harrowing drive from Wytheville VA through snow flurries the whole way. Remember that Amanda is a South Florida Native. By the time she arrived only a few remnants of snow remained but with temperatures forecast to dip to 25°F tonight and tomorrow night she winterized her waste valves using pink RV antifreeze. She’d considered using her Kirkland’s London Dry Gin but we saved it for a gin tasting. It’s going to be a fun visit!

Snow Day in TimberCrest

Fortunately we were forewarned by an Accuweather Wintercast alert to our phones, so we disconnected our hoses and protected our dump valves with RV antifreeze last night. Then we hunkered down inside our camper, checked the radar, and settled in for the night wondering if the forecast snow would actually come our way. By two in the morning we had our answer. With the porch light on and the kitchen shade open we enjoyed a view of the blowing snow. By morning we had three inches on the truck, the camper, and the picnic table. The gravel roads and camping pads remained clear but the grassy areas were snowy. This afternoon it is sunny and has warmed to 43°F but the forecast still calls for two more nights with lows of 25°F before it will be safe to reconnect our hoses and resume normal full hookups operation. This is our first experience with camping in the snow and although it’s beautiful, it’s not something we seek. We prefer to go where the weather suits our clothes!

Party at Timbercrest

TimberCrest Camp and RV Park Site #74 in Walnut Creek, Ohio has been our home for the last week. Then a few days ago we learned that Michael & Marcus and Ollie would be piling into heading to to Sugarcreek to retrieve their T@B 400 from the nüCamp RV Service Center. Soon plans were hatching to share a meal while they were here. Then we learned that Allison and Darren could join us. We gathered the fixings to make up a mess of Philly Cheesesteak on our new Camp Chef Griddle and the stage was set for an amazing afternoon. It was so great to see friends after the long lockdown and to have the opportunity to welcome Marcus into this T@B Family in person. Thank you, Michael, for having the foresight to bring your Clam Shelter to protect us all from the cold blustery drizzle. And kudos to Ollie for joining the gathering from the safety of Marcus’ lap. Can’t wait to see everyone again in June here at üCamp at Timbercrest.

Breakfast at Buehler’s

For folks like us who may rise early but eat breakfast later in the day, finding a place that serves breakfast all hours, like The Mill Restaurant inside the Dover, Ohio Buehler’s Fresh Foods grocery store is fabulous. We opted for the Stuffed Omelet, a Fruit Cup, and Coffee. Over breakfast we got into a text conversation with friends in nearby Columbus OH and hatched plans for a Sunday get together. Then with happy tummies we wandered the aisles in search of provisions for ourselves and the makings for a party menu and along the way made friends with one of the employees! We can definitely see ourselves falling into a pattern of breakfast before grocery shopping whenever we are staying in the Sugarcreek area!

nüCamp Then and Now

As we met with Julie over lunch today and discussed plans for the upcoming üCamp21, hobnobbed with some of our long time nüCamp friends, and toured the nüCamp factory, we realized that it was exactly twelve years ago today in 2009 that we met Joe Mullet in the three car garage in which he was building Silver Shadow trailers one at a time.The one that he was building that day became our first RV. And we blogged about it. Fast forward to 2021 and we have spent more than 1200 nights in our various nüCamp trailers. Moving from the Silver Shadow to a T@B 320 Clamshell in 2013 and one of the earliest T@B 400s in 2017. All the while we watched the company grow moving to progressively larger rented factory spaces to their current location in 2015. Today there were fourteen T@B 400’s on the line, and who knows how many on the 320, T@G, and Cirrus lines as well as plans to build an expanded service shop and training center across the street. Through the years we have been blessed to enjoy some amazingly hand crafted trailers and incredible customer service. We are indeed celebrating an amazing relationship with the organization that Joe has built through the years and with the community of users that feels like family!

At Home in Canton

A week ago we backed Sc@rlett into our son’s driveway and commenced a delightful visit that has involved so many great activities. We helped plant seeds for this year’s herb and vegetable garden, roasted S’Mores with granddaughters in the backyard over our new Solo Stove, made a couple of meals on the Camp Chef griddle, played with the four cats, relaxed on the great big sofa in the family room to watch movies, walked in the neighborhood, headed off to Amish country for some treats and scenic views, savored some restaurant meals, and just enjoyed being with family live and in person! Life is good!

Visiting Nimisila

Although the two of us visit the Canton/Sugarcreek area often and have stayed at several campgrounds in the area, the Nimisila Reservoir Metro Park Campground between Akron and Canton, Ohio had not been on our radar until Jenn (check out her Blog for videos on caring for and traveling in a T@B 320) invited us to join her for a camping weekend. Although we were unable to reserve one of the six sites available in April, this lovely place is definitely now on our list of potential camping spots. Even without an available reservation, we joined her for pizza and a most enjoyable afternoon visit. Later on Andrew joined us and after an initial tour of his nüCamp T@G (Check out his Vlog Season 5 to follow his T@G Travels) we settled in for some delightful conversation about travel, content creation, and most especially our appreciation of nüCamp RV including the quality of their craftsmanship, their dedication to customer service, and their role in fostering the feeling of family in their community of users. Looking forward to spending more time with them when we gather in Sugarcreek in June for üCamp21.

Sc@rlett & Redford Head Out

Redford, our Ford F-150 has been itching for adventure ever since joining the family in October 2019. Yes, he and Sc@rlett have partnered with us for a few shorter excursions but today we are getting an early start on our Summer Ramble. First stop, Easter with family in Ohio! To say that everyone’s excited after a year of conscientiously staying home, is quite the understatement! Even as we continue to mask and socially distance, we’re incredibly excited to resume our wanderings!

Celebrating Freedom!!!

Today we celebrate! We received our second vaccine doses two weeks ago today. We invited Steve, our neighbor and pod member, to join us as we headed to the deck, opened a bottle of bubbly, and shouted “Freedom!” We then crafted some spritzers and enjoyed conversation with Steve as we learned about progress on the construction of their new house and shared our plans to embark soon with truck and trailer. After a year of deliberately staying home and avoiding opportunities to contract or spread a certain virus, we are more than ready to leave this lovely home and head out in search of adventure!