It’s hard to say when our interests in genealogy began.  Steve’s mother Alma was a great teller of family tales as was Karen’s maternal Granny Ruth.  A ninth birthday gift of an early edition of Karen’s Great-great-grandfather helped pique her interest.  In the late 1960’s Steve was working with a draftsman who had done a masterful job of drawing out his family tree and inspired Steve to write to relatives to learn more about his own ancestry.  Then in 1990 our son David elected to earn his Boy Scout Genealogy merit badge.  In the process we both learned much more about how to find information about our family members and the two of us embarked upon a quest for as much information about our roots as we can possibly locate.  The adventure has taken us into many a library, cemetery, and relative’s home.  In the process we have learned much more about history, we have succeeded in making family history documentaries, and have found relatives we didn’t even know we had.

If you are a family member, go to our family genealogy site. A log/password is required, email us for one.