Probably my love of textiles began early in my childhood watching my mother craft fine clothes from flat pieces of cloth.  I was always fascinated by the way the cloth was put together.  My Great Aunt Ruth taught me to knit when I was nine.  At age fourteen I first saw a weaver working at a loom and I fell in love.  My first weaving lessons were at the Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts in Barberville, Florida.  I taught myself to spin first with the drop spindle then on the spinning wheel then progressed to dyeing wool first with Kool-Aid then with commercial dyes.  I enjoy experimentation.   I do not know if the greatest joy is in the execution of a piece or in seeing family and friends enjoy the work that I produce.  I do know that I really enjoy the feel of the fibers in my fingers.

Guatemalan Workshop

Weaving Workshop with Deborah Chandler: Going Wild with Guatemalan Color

Offered by Pinellas Weavers Guild, January 17-19, 2007