Christmas Quiet

After a wonderful Christmas feast with all the extended family gathered around the extended table in the dining room, and a spirited gift exchange, the our household quieted down to unprecedented levels. Everyone went home to their own places including CJ. She spent her first night in her own apartment in Tampa on Christmas night. The two of us were alone again after having children living with us for twenty-eight years and twenty-six days, but who’s counting?

Headed Out West

Just hours after CJ finished the last of her Fall Semester finals (four exams in less than thirty-six hours), the three of us headed for Santa Fe. Because of a fluke in our airline reservations Steve was scheduled to arrive in Santa Fe two hours before CJ and Karen. Bad weather intervened though and the two of us were stuck in Houston Bush airport for several more hours. Ultimately we made it to Santa Fe the same evening and commenced on a five day family fun fest. Ate Ellen’s Spice Cookies, checked out local yarn shops, visited, played multi-solitaire, knitted, entertained, and had a wonderful family visit.

Greg Leaves on Road Trip

Although he officially graduated in May, we wanted to see Greg walk down the aisle in cap and gown. He “walked” in the Summer Commencement ceremony at USF in Tampa. Following a simple party in his apartment he climbed into his Toyota Camry and headed out on a five week odyssey to visit friends, family, and grad schools and to travel as far north and east as Cape Cod and as far west as Tucson.

Greg’s a Graduate

Today is Greg’s official graduation date. He would have walked down the aisle in cap & gown to receive his diploma today at the Sundome at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Instead we celebrated at the Cracked Egg Restaurant in downtown Bay City. Later in the day he did walk down the aisle, but it was in a tuxedo as the best man in his brother’s wedding.

First Family Newsletter

Karen & Steve are working on a new idea in passing on all of the genealogy information that has been collected over the years–an audio-visual production put on DVD. David & Rhonda are getting ready for their May 7 wedding. Greg is writing his Honor’s thesis in preparation for graduation May 7th and is working at John Knox Village in Tampa. CJ’s studying Chemistry, Calculus.Drawing II & International Ethics @ USF-St.Pete. this Semester.