Pins & Needles


Life is crazy right now. It seems that everywhere we turn that we are being inspected, dissected, rejected. A couple of potential buyers are acting interested and keep coming back. One of them had her father drive by and he thought that she should run, not walk, away from that rundown heap. Our realtor held a Broker’s Open on Thursday and of course part of their jobs is to be critical of the property. On top of that the federal accreditation team is making their every three year visit to All Children’s. That’s not to mention that Karen’s schedule has been topsy turvy at ACH. She had to go in to work at 4AM on Friday and got home at 12:30PM. After an hour’s sleep we had to vacate the house so that the aforementioned potential buyer could bring her parents to see the house. Her father thought it was the best of the three houses she showed him. Could our lives radically change soon? We are sitting on pins and needles!




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