We camped last night near the Coralville Dam. During the 1993 Flood the water spilled over the dam in such proportion that it scoured away all the topsoil and some of the limestone bedrock downstream from the dam. At the Devonian Fossil Gorge we saw those fossils from the sea that covered Iowa 375 million years ago. We were not able to walk down in the gorge area because of damage done by this summer’s flood but we got an idea of what some of the fossils are like. 

Then we headed west. We didn’t get very far very fast. We instead stopped at the Amana Colonies to learn more about what their communal life was like in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. We were particularly taken with the German heritage and with the woolen mill.                                         

We did finally make it across Iowa to camp on the eastern side of the Missouri River across from Omaha, Nebraska       




  1. david

    my neck of the woods
    glad u are both having a great adventure. you are both in my country, this is my stomping ground have fun and travel safe.

  2. Alex

    Boy, I was just reading your blog, and the trip started fabulously! Bon voyage, and keep writing.
    BTW, tomorrow is Tango night!


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