Spent the day in the western side of the park, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The falls are spectacular! We hiked “Uncle” Tom’s trail from the top of the canyon to the bottom of the 308 foot Lower Falls. The hike down was pretty easy but the climb back up – at 8000 ft elevation – was a little bit of a challenge. From there we drove north to Tower Falls but were disappointed at not being able to hike to the base of the falls. By the time we finished that trail we were ready to find lodging but had to drive through the Tetons to Jackson Hole to get a room for the night.



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  1. Andrea:-)

    They must have the trails to Tower Falls closed a lot – when I was there a couple years ago, they were closed as well. Glad to see that you guys are having a fantastic time – I miss you so much! Have been reading your blogs sporadically while setting up the house:-)


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