Left Baker City headed for Salt Lake City on I-84 driving through a lot of open country. Made a stop in Hagerman, Idaho to visit the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Park and learn about the evolution and extinction of the horse in North America. Unfortunately the fossil beds are not open to the public due to safety concerns related to mud slides. We did drive out into the park to see one of the remnants of the Oregon Trail ruts. In this area the trail was not later used as an automobile road so it still exists as a single rut trail. Also while we in Hagerman we spent some time in the Minedoka National Historic Site. It tells the tale of the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. After that interlude we hit the trail and arrived in Salt Lake City around 6PM and enjoyed a wonderful home cooked meal including homemade apple pie made with apples from Uncle Jack and Aunt Flo’s backyard.




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When Plans Go Awry

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