Driving down US 101 we were awed by the Coastal Redwoods. These giant trees boggle the mind. We stopped to see one known just as Big Tree. It is 304 feet tall, 21.5 feet in diameter, and 1500 years old. We hiked in Stout’s Grove, visited a tree hollowed by fire that housed a family in the 1930’s. Also enjoyed some coastal scenes and briefly visited the Victorian section of Eureka. We camped in a redwood grove near another hollowed tree that was nearly big enough for our tent. We laid in bed listening to the wind whistle through the trees 250 or more feet above our heads.




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When Plans Go Awry

When Plans Go Awry

A string of unexpected problems complicated our transition from Southampton to Haarlem but calm problem solving and a sense of adventure led to unpredicted delights and a story for the ages.