When we left Dayton this morning we intended to meander our way north and east and explore some of the lesser highways and byways of Ohio. We did travel SR 4 to Marion. Wanted to visit the Warren G. Harding Museum there but it’s not open on Tuesdays. Took pictures of it in the snow. At that point we realized that we were in more than just snow flurries. Snow was accumulating on the side streets. We decided to switch to major highways. Drove on in to Canton, got ourselves a motel room, and took shelter so we could sit inside and watch the snow fall outside. 




  1. Oscar

    I hope you have a great Thanksgiving in company of Rhonda, David and Riley I am sure going to miss you this year.

  2. Kathy T

    Wishing your whole family a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing your journeys with all of us – it helps me to dream while sitting at my desk – not at all helpful for work production purposes though. The photos and journal is invigorating and helps to spur ideas for future travel plans.

  3. Brende Starchild

    What lovely architecture! The Warren G. Harding museum whisks me off to another world filled with passion, imagination and adventure! Wow! Hard to believe a photograph can do all that. With you assistance, I have been doing lots of vicarious traveling this Fall and loving every minute of it! Thanks again for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving! Blessings & Love, B

  4. mark

    enjoy the little one, stay warm and , drive careful.
    man o man that looks cold.


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