A Lavender Sunset


Awakened this morning around dawn to the sound of heavy rainfall and a view out the studio window of one of our creeks swollen with rainwater rushing down the mountainside. It has rained most of the day. Been a good day to be inside. We’ve worked on scanning old family photos. One of the treats was bringing out the details in two old tintypes passed down through Aunt Vi’s family. It’s also been a day for weaving, for working on some of the small details of transitioning the blog from iWeb to WordPress, and for exploring new options for living without satellite television. A new source of news is WSJ access through our Apple TV. Then as the sun set this evening behind the rain clouds, there was a lavender glow in the west. It was beautiful!




  1. Greg

    In Boston, with the time change and being so far east, it starts getting dark at 4:30, and by the time I’m on the train home a half hour later there’s no hope of lavender sunsets anymore.

    When did you get rid of satellite TV? (Good for you! Who needs those silly History channel shows?)

  2. Steve & Karen

    We’ve actually not had satellite television since sometime in the Spring when a Bobcat knocked the receiver out of alignment. In June once the backyard excavation project was finished we made an active decision and called the company and had them suspend the service. The good thing about it is that we are now making active decisions as to what we will watch among the myriad offerings online. The bad thing is that our DSL is still slow.

  3. Dave

    I feel your pain Greg. It gets dark here so early that sunsets happen while I am still in my windowless office. Just makes me appreciate summertime that much more.

    Mom and Dad, you honestly aren’t missing much of anything. If you really get jonesing for some tube time there is always a mail subscription to netflix.

    I really like seeing all the old family photos. Sounds like you guys have been putting in lots of scanner time.


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