Tiramisu and More


It was a day for adventures. We headed into the “big city” of Franklin. It’s all relative. A town of 4000 souls can seem like the “big city” when you live in a community that doesn’t even really have a downtown.  First stop was to get some lunch at Chris and Charlie’s Pizza.  The spinach salad was good but the Tiramisu was the best we have found in WNC. Yum! Next stop was for some official business then on to more fun things: a visit to a great kitchen shop for some little tools;  a cup of java, a cookie, a hand of gin, and listening to some local musicians practice at the Rathskeller; a couple more little stops in Franklin; then a stop at Country Roads Nursery to procure several perennials and some herbs for the front walk gardens.  A final flourish to the day was a glass of wine and snacks around the fire pit with friend and neighbor, Mary. A fine day in all.




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Arctic Circle Ceremony

Arctic Circle Ceremony

After a few days of exploration in the realm of the Arctic Circle, we aboard the Jewel of the Seas celebrated with a Blue Nose Ceremony and will receive Arctic Crossing Certificates!