Day at Sea Northbound


Fun Day! First dance lesson was “Swing Aerobics” in which Arleene goes through the myriad footwork variations that can be incorporated into the swing basic or variations. Then we talked a bit about the history of the Lindy Hop and the dance community during the Harlem Renaissance. The two of us took the tour of the kitchens before a Pub Lunch of Fish & Chips then did some preemptory packing before heading to the Shim Sham lesson on Deck 18 in the Skywalkers Lounge. A quick change into evening attire (something red) and headed to the cocktail party that the Wisconsin group hosted. Then off to dinner and then to the group cocktail party in the Skywalkers. That was fun. Ed and Arleene DJ’d and the dancing was lively. Karen danced with two of the staff members both of whom didn’t know how to dance but had fun trying.




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At Home in Medina

At Home in Medina

In October we decided to make Medina our new hometown and have been embracing its charms while setting into our new apartment