Rumba on a Day at Sea


After missing out on Monday’s lesson we made sure we were on time for Tuesday’s dance lesson. Rhumba!  We’ve danced it a bit. But then Arleene taught it a little differently this time. Some extra nuances.  A few of us wanted to really get it and Arleene was willing to work with us after the lesson but we needed to get out of the Wheelhouse Lounge. Our search for a dance floor was fruitless. We ended up dancing on carpet on the 18th Deck. The afternoon was relaxing. Lunch with Arleene, a nap, Afternoon Tea with Arleene, then time to dress for dinner. Formal night! A fabulous dinner. The Captain’s Champagne Party. And the challenge of getting us all together to get a formal group portrait. We managed to get thirty-four of thirty-five of us lined up on the staircase and smiling for the camera! And then of course libations and dancing the night away!




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At Home in Medina

At Home in Medina

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