Rolling Home

Road Trip

IMG_6603We hugged everyone last night. It was a good week. An adventure of a different sort. But now it’s time to head home. As we were packing up this morning we noticed that the door lock on the T@B was not working right. Since we were so very close to the factory we called and made arrangements to take it in for repair. Off to Sugarcreek, home to our little “house” on wheels. We’ve been here often enough that it feels familiar, perhaps not quite like home but comfortable in it’s own way. Met with Ed and with Chris and made arrangements not only for the replacement of the lock assembly but also a couple of other little things. In addition to the repairs, Chris contacted PahaQue on the latest information on the tent design for the Clamshell. They will be shipping us a panel to adapt the tent to the Clamshell profile and the factory installed the keder rail for it. We are in business. While we waited we took the opportunity to get the oil changed at the Valvoline place in nearby New Philadelphia and to lunch at Wall House in Sugarcreek. After hooking up the trailer and thanking the wonderful people at Pleasant Valley Trailers we got on I-77 S and headed for home. Minimal breaks. Just head for the mountains. Made it home just before midnight. As we began opening up the house we had the unpleasant surprise that we had no water. After a trip to the well house with flashlights we were able to get minimal water flow but it’s clear something’s wrong. We’ll address that in the morning after a good sleep in our own bed.




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