Imported “Graet”ness


IMG_6666In case you haven’t noticed, we are great fans of Graeter’s Ice Cream. It’s been a Cincinnati thing since 1870 and with what we know of our genealogy, we think our families have been enjoying this sweet treat since it’s beginnings in Findley Market in Over the Rhine. One or more of the Graeter’s Ice Cream Parlors is a must stop for us anytime we are in the Queen City. But we’ve always had to go to Cinti to get it. Then in July we stumbled upon a supply at Fresh Market in St Petersburg. In September we discovered the web listing of all the groceries across the country and obtained a supply in Boston and learned that there is a purveyor of the wonderful stuff just a couple of doors from Rachel’s office. The next weekend we found it at Giant Eagle in Canton, Ohio, and introduced our granddaughters to the wonders of Black Raspberry Chip. Phil and Jill found some for us in a town near Asheville. Now we’ve found an almost local supply. It’s in the next county but here in the mountains that qualifies as local. We can get Graeter’s at the Ingles Supermarket in Waynesville. Who wants to take wagers on whether that particular Ingles becomes a regular stop for the two of us. They didn’t have Black Raspberry Chip but the Black Cherry Chip is pretty darn awesome!



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  1. Lynne

    (Graeter’s Online ships direct if you get desperate… )


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