Cleopatra and the Flapper

2014 West then East, New Mexico, Road Trip, States

20140621-133239-48759217.jpgAfter our 18K step round trip walk to the coffee shop this morning and showers, the day for the three of us was centered around errands and communications with family members. We needed to locate a particular flapper (the plumbing kind) and a specialty battery for one of our fitbits, and get the oil changed in Eric the Red. However a lunch of an Egyptian lamb gyro at Cleopatra’s Cafe was the first order of business. A wander through Hobby Lobby as we waited for the truck to be serviced netted a couple of things to enrich our life on the road. We finished the day in the company of friend John enjoying coffee with rum, green salad, chocolate fondue, the sunset, and raising our glasses of wine to the memory of Ken!




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