At Atwood

Road Trip

We arrived at Atwood Lake Campground early evening yesterday and did our basic set-up before cooking dinner and doing a little after dark visiting with other campers. Today we are setting up some of our accessories such as the awning and the kitchen canopy, tables and chairs, lamp and fan, as well as a few decorations. In the week we will be here we plan to utilize most of the fun accessories we’ve brought along.




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  1. Brian

    While you’re in the area, check out Geocache’s GC1WPE4 and GC2388C in reference to the Lincoln Highway. Do be careful. (

    Since I’m on here, being thinking about your “Two Months Today” post; long story short, I found this. Sorry it’s singular gender, and a few other details, but I wish the refrain applies to both of you.

    Ramble on.


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