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Road Trip

It was a long day in Sugarcreek and a long story. We were there before sunrise to drop the T@B off for repair. The steps needed to be stabilized. When we came back a few hours later we were met with the news that we had a water leak and a rotted out floor, but Ed said not to worry, they’d make it right. He wanted to check on something first though. A few minutes later he was back and asked us if it would be okay if they built us a new trailer and what features would we want in it? So we spent the next few hours going through the process of deciding what options we’d like to have and which ones we didn’t. Our new trailer should be ready in November and in the meantime this one is still usable and the steps are stable. It’s not as if we haven’t already been raving about the incredible customer service we get from Pleasant Valley Trailers and Little Guy Worldwide but now we are completely blown away. These folks are incredible in the way they stand behind their products! We will continue to brag on them every chance we get!







  1. Charlie and Sue

    We have been enjoying your posts since Tearstock. Can’t wait until we are free enough to do some serious travel in our Little Guy! Aren’t the folks in Sugarcreek amazing? If you need a place to stay in November when you make your trailer exchange, let us know. We are only a half hour from the factory. It was great meeting such intelligent, fun-loving people.
    P.S. Did they explain where the water leaked from?

  2. Mark

    Nice that they come through to fix it, but would be concerning to me why those things happened in the first place in the QC process and what else may be at issue.


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