Coq-au-Vin! Wow!


When the two of us decided we didn’t want to fuss with a turkey dinner and all the trimmings for just two of us, we consulted Chef Jean-Pierre Brehier’s Incredible Cuisine for ideas. The author in his comments for Coq-au-Vin said that if we were to make only one recipe from his book, it should be this chicken in wine sauce dish. So we cut up a chicken, chopped and sliced, measured, seared and braised our way to an incredible gastronomic experience. The chicken and it’s tasty vegetables as well as a few well seasoned vegetable dishes accompanied by a Columbia Valley Reisling made up our feast. Those of you who have shared holiday meals with us in the past will be glad to know that Dad’s Green Beans were on our table! After clean up and a round of wonderful phone calls with family members, we finished off the feast with a cup of rich mocha. Life is good and we have so much for which to be grateful!




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All Because of an Eclipse

All Because of an Eclipse

It was a fabulous opportunity to not only view the 2024 Solar Eclipse from within the path of totality but also to enjoy a five day weekend with friends from the T@B trailer community at Ohio’s East Harbor State Park on the shore of Lake Erie.