Is It Autumn or Winter?


We awakened this morning to discover that the forecasters who predicted snow for us last night were correct. And the fall leaves are still on many of the trees! (There are even some trees still green.) Not only that but we haven’t really had frost yet! Old-timers say that snow before frost is a sure sign of a hard winter ahead. On top of that Joe Bastardi, a meteorologist that seems to always get it right on longer range winter forecasts says to expect another severe winter. A link to his Thursday forecast is here. Guess that means that we will really appreciate our trip to St Somewhere come January!




  1. Debi, Pete, and Anne

    We had long sleeves and I had jeans on today as the temps here were not out of the 60’s. Early for that down here. At least we didn’t have snow! Stay warm and safe!

  2. David

    Tisn’t nearly as picturesque here, but with the sudden cold snap a couple of weeks ago, the leaves have all turned their autumn colors. Winter is just around the corner.


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At Home in Medina

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