Checking Out the T@B

Road Trip

We’re still getting to know the new features and capabilities and marveling at the features and comforts of our new T@B. Yesterday we spent a lot of time learning about the ALDE system. Today we trialled the movie playing capability and at the same time dreamt of future amenities. Then we ate lunch out there and took an afternoon nap. Yes, we think we could live here for months on end!




  1. Lynne

    The “happy camper” sticker above your head Steve could be used to caption this picture. Congrats on Gigi 2 and her new family.

  2. John Carney

    Hi Steve and Karen,

    Nancy and I met you last summer at the Little Guy Rally in Ohio (camped across from you). I was so impressed with your new T@B at the time and all of that custom wood work and now I just read where you got another T@B? What spurred the big decision to go “new” again so soon? We are off to Florida next week and return in mid March. Thank you for suggesting St. Petersburg. We got in for a week there at the county park in late Feb and got a water site. The T@G is already to go and so are we. We are going to try and make the LG Rally in July on our way back from Prince Edward Island…hope to see you guys there and see this new T@B. You can educate me on this Alde heating system…if we ever go bigger. Doubt we will go bigger unless it can fit in the garage.

    Best Regards,


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