After securing a site (RV-6) at the Quemahoning Family Campground we ventured into downtown Johnstown, parked next to the Amtrak station and walked across the river to the Johnstown Flood Museum. As we walked in we were struck by the fact that it was housed in library that had been destroyed by the flood but had been rebuilt and enlarged by Andrew Carnegie. According to the docent, he was the only member of the South Fork Hunting and Fishing Club who did anything of significance for the town after the flood. The museum does an excellent job of presenting the story of the catastrophe and the town’s recovery.



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  1. Nathan

    Just for a little bit more useless information, the Commonwealth still has a 17% tax on all alcohol that is/was meant to go to the recovery from the Johnstown Flood. Just goes to show that taxes never go away 😛

    It was a terrible disaster. The NPS has a very good exhibit on it at the memorial park.


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