Catching Up


It was three weeks ago this evening that we returned to Tween Creeks, feeling a bit under the weather. We both had come down with a bug that zapped all our energy. Other than little outings for groceries and an essential errand or two, we cocooned. We mustered energy to take care of the unpacking of the T@B and a few important tasks like bringing in potted plants before a freeze.  

Other  than that we hunkered down and read a lot of ebooks and watched movies. As our strength began to return and we were ready to emerge from our cocoon, the rains started 

 so we stayed mostly indoors and worked on more ambitious stuff such as weaving and jewelry. On the few sunny days we’ve emerged for a walk in the park or a dyeing day. 

 We’ve made our FitBits happy with several days of 5+ miles, often just making circuits on the deck or walking up and down the road between rainstorms. We made one quick overnight trip to Chapel Hill. Could have been a beautiful drive but for the constant rain. We’ve enjoyed watching the progession of autumn. When we first returned the trees were mostly green and yellow. We saw the brilliant colors develop. 

   It’s now yellow, oranges, and bare. Soon we’ll be enjoying a winter landscape though right now the temperatures are remarkably mild. We must say that as much as we love life on the road, there are times we really appreciate the comforts of Tween Creeks!



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  1. Debi Ford

    Sounds like you’re back in the swing of things and enjoying your hobbies! Love seeing the fall colors.


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