Fruitful Search!


It’s been a challenge to find the right phone for Dad. He’s hearing impaired and has never used any cell phone fancier than a flip phone. Now that he will be living alone, having a good phone is imperative. Just try to find a flip phone with big buttons, great sound quality, a 3.5mm headphone jack, for either Verizon or AT&T that an 89 year old can learn to use. We shopped Best Buy, AT&T, Verizon, Radio Shack, Fast and Friendly Cell Phone Repair, and finally TeleMart in Hurst. He now has a “new” LG slide phone, with all his family contacts loaded, equipped with over the ear headphones with microphone. He delighted today in learning the phone, making phone calls and enjoying the ability to be fully engagedin a call. As a bonus, his television is now equipped with a different set of headphones and an external speaker so he can hear the programming better than ever and others in the room can listen at a volume comfortable for them. It’s good knowing that as our visit is coming to an end that Dad is connected and comfortable.  




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Arctic Circle Ceremony

Arctic Circle Ceremony

After a few days of exploration in the realm of the Arctic Circle, we aboard the Jewel of the Seas celebrated with a Blue Nose Ceremony and will receive Arctic Crossing Certificates!