A Moveable Center 


One of our favorite activities when we are visiting in the El Dorado neighborhood of Santa Fe is joining in the morning conversation at Las Chivas Coffee with our brother-in-law and good friend, Bill. The regulars who linger for conversation on any day of the week on any number of topics including politics, religion, and the extinction of the human species, refer to the place/conversation as The Center of the Universe. Regulars past and present include artists, educators, anthropologists, writers, pilots, archeologists, hikers, and anyone willing to engage in lively discussion on just about anything. Today we received a package from Bill containing an apron and towel with the Las Chivas logo on it. He told us it was for Deck Day, a complement to the quality of the group that gathers at Tween Creeks at the end of May each year. We can also envision packing them up in the T@B as we search the country for excellent conversation.




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At Home in Medina

At Home in Medina

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