Road Work 


Even as the flood of 2015 was occurring on Christmas Eve, just hours after we had departed for New Orleans, we were acutely aware of the damage to the road along side Tween Creeks. When neighbors arrived with pizza our first night back, they regaled us with tales of the flood and the extreme road damage as well as apprised us of the efforts to mitigate the damage. Even now road work is underway to bring our road up to standard.




  1. Debi Ford

    Hopefully your property didn’t suffer any damage in your absence. Happy Spring!

  2. Steve & Karen

    Other than the fact that the road coming up to our house was turned into a raging river by torrential rains in the wee small hours of Christmas Eve, we’re in good shape. Our neighbors had to deal with a road that was initially impassable then barely so but with the commencement of professional road repair, we’re now pretty much back to normal.


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