Bear Canyon Campground

2016 Out West, Montana, Road Trip

Just outside of Bozeman and just ten minutes from the Museum of the Rockies, Bear Canyon Campground Site #54 is our current home with a million dollar view. After stuffing our brains with all sorts of great information at the museum today we stopped for Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream then came back here for a delightfully quiet afternoon in the shade of a spruce tree and a spectacular sunset!




  1. Peter Ford

    Bozeman’s a great town. I visited there about 10 years ago, including the museum. Old family friends from Illinois were originally from Bozeman, and retired there in the 80’s. West of town is where the 3 rivers (Madison, Jefferson, & Gallatin) merge to form the Missouri. You might also wander up to Great Falls and see the Charles M. Russell Museum – my favorite western artist. There’s also a Lewis & Clark Museum there on the Missouri – – see the hardships they faced going upriver!

  2. Steve & Karen

    Thanks for the ideas! We agree that the Lewis & Clark Museum in Great Falls is superb! We too highly recommend it. We visited there in 2008 but are not expecting to go that way this trip. We’ll miss the Russell museum. Darn. We got to see some of his work though in the R W Norton in Shreveport LA last year!


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