It’s great to have a plan but sometimes it’s better to change plans. Our plan had been to stay at Riverside just one night but this morning we looked at the maps, calculated some travel times and decided to stay here one more night so that we could explore a bit of the area. We traveled west over the bridge over Swinomish Channel onto Hildago Island and into the Deception Pass State Park. Our first stop was Bowman’s Bay and the CCC Interpretive Center.  The smell of salt spray  and  evergreen was exciting, this is the first salt water body we’ve visited since Titusville back in March. Does that mean we’ve traveled from coast to coast in these last six months? Yes!

The history of the Civilian Conservation Corps fascinates us. We’re grateful for the infrastructure they built in so many national and state parks, places that we and so many others enjoy to this day. And every time we get a chance, we’re anxious to learn more about this program that served America from 1933 to 1942.

After we crossed over the narrow and busy Deception Pass Bridge we found a parking place and headed back to explore the bridge and environs, to photograph, to marvel, to learn, to geocache, to hike, to sit and just look. It’s a geologic wonder and a great pice of 1930’s engineering! We finished our visit the the easternmost San Juan Islands with a lunch of Fish and Chips at Seabolt’s Smokehouse in Oak Harbor. Yum!




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