After a nice lunch in Washburn we arrived at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center just before 3:30PM and learned that today’s last tour of the Fort Mandan replica 2 miles away would begin at 4PM so we abbreviated our visit to the museum. We did learn a few new things and before heading out to the fort itself and we both got to try on a buffalo robe! At the Fort we got an amazing tour that gave us even more insight into what it took to venture across the northern reaches of the Louisiana Purchase and beyond in 1804-1806. We’re not exactly following in the footsteps of Lewis, Clark, Sakakawea and the rest but have been crossing their path every so often over the last few years, such as our visit to Fort Clatsop on the Pacific Coast in 2008.




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At Home in Medina

At Home in Medina

In October we decided to make Medina our new hometown and have been embracing its charms while setting into our new apartment