The Anvil’s Home

2016 Out West, Road Trip

Back in June our friend loaded a late 19th Century Peter Wright 125 pound blacksmith’s anvil into the bed of our truck for transport to its new home. It’s an heirloom that had belonged to her father and before that to her Great Uncle Herb. It’s destined for her brother and his family in Eatonville, Washington. This evening the anvil made it to its new home. John met us at our campsite and led us to his home outside of Eatonville where he and Gretchen treated us to a wonderful meal served at their outdoor table. As daylight was turning to dusk John, Owen, and Gwen retrieved the hefty tool from its the depths of the truck, transferred it to a wheelbarrow and eased it into their garage. The next task will be to find blacksmithing instruction and to that end we shared contact information for the blacksmith we met at Fort Union. Good luck to Owen in his future blacksmithing adventures. It was a fun evening and now we’ll sally forth with a lighter load! Back at Alder Lake we reclined in our sling chairs and stared at an incredible star field. No clouds. No moon. No city lights nor campground lights. Just us and millions of stars! Fired up the SkyWalk app for only a few moments. Better to just enjoy the rare view in quiet darkness.




  1. Sherri

    Happy tears! So wish I could have been there! I was happy to hear about Owen’s interest in using the anvil for one of his school projects. I so owe you both big time!

  2. Steve & Karen

    It was good to be able to spend some time with your folks! Happy we could be the delivery service for a treasured piece of history. Anxious to get updates as to Owen’s experiences with it!


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