Pacific Coast Highway

2016 Out West, California, Road Trip

From Point Arena we followed California Highway One, the Pacific Coast Highway with its dramatic views, twists, turns, and spectacular drop offs. We paused at The Sea Ranch Lodge for a delicious Fish & Chips lunch, an amazing ocean vista, and the opportunity to see some Paul Kozal photography. 

To keep the trip to a reasonable drive we headed inland to US-101 through Petaluma and over the Golden Gate Bridge. They now use a fully automated toll collection system. So we’ll have to watch for an invoice in the mail!

Next steps are to wend our way through San Francisco streets, find a filling station that we can negotiate with the T@B, and make our way to Cupertino and back the T@B down a long driveway where it will pause for a few days of rest and we’ll head to Lou’s place to visit with her and Meg for a couple of days.




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