Radiator Springs

2016 Out West, Arizona, Road Trip

Fans of the 2006 Pixar film Cars, know the fictional town of Radiator Springs along the very real Route 66. It’s based on a composite of several communities along the historic route including Seligman AZ. Another interesting note about Seligman is that at one time in the early 1900’s the California Limited, the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe’s LA to Chicago passenger train didn’t have a dining car for part of their run. They would stop for breakfast in Seligman! Whether or not her train stopped for breakfast, certainly Steve’s mother and great aunt passed through Seligman on their rail journey from Cincinnati to San Diego in 1939. Today we stopped for gas here and paused in front of the Roadkill Cafe for a geocache. We suspect that the railroad passengers probably didn’t breakfast at this establishment!




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