The Albino Redwood

2016 Out West, California, Road Trip

You can meet the nicest people in a campground. We had a couple of conversations this morning with fellow travelers. Siblings Wayne and Marilu from NC and WA stopped by and the more we talked the more we discovered we had in common. Eventually though we all headed out to our day’s adventures. The three of us hiked Founders Grove then went in search of lunch and a geocache at the Eternal Tree House Cafe in Redcrest. While we were finishing our cobbler, our server gave us directions to an albino redwood, a rare phenomenon and we felt privileged to see it. We hiked part of the Drury-Chaney Trail, not exactly where the Ewok Village of Star Wars was filmed, but evocative of that scene. The light, the ferns, and the lack of crowds made it magical! And of course spending time in a hammock looking up into redwood treetops is a great way to wind down at the end of a fabulous day!




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Arctic Circle Ceremony

Arctic Circle Ceremony

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