Card Creek Campground

2016 Out West, Kansas, Road Trip

Happy Windsday! Last night we stayed at Card Creek Campground on Elk City Lake near Independence, Kansas. It’s an Army Corps of Engineers site. When we arrived yesterday afternoon we noted that some of the waterfront sites were flooded but fellow campers told us the waters were receding. We chose a campsite on slightly higher ground and proceeded to enjoy a most pleasant evening. The weather couldn’t be nicer. Not so true after dark though. In the middle of the night we were awakened by rain and then hail then lightning then thunder then all but simultaneous lightning and thunder. After surviving that we’re grateful for this morning’s cloudy blustery weather but taking the precaution of securing the T@B kitchen hatch so that it doesn’t get caught in a powerful wind gust and do damage. What a first impression of Kansas!




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Arctic Circle Ceremony

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