Train Watching

Road Trip

As we sit here at trackside at the Greenville SC Amtrak Station waiting for The Crescent to arrive we’ve been watching Norfolk Southern freight trains come and go. Just now an intriguing little train pulled in. With it’s shiny new looks and unusual equipment, it’s intriguing. We looked it up and learned that the Operation Awareness & Response Train was introduced earlier this year as a training resource for first responders. In between trains we’re alternating between reading Rocket Boys aloud and checking the Amtrak website for status on The Crescent. If nothing changes it looks as if we’ll board minutes before 1AM, two hours late. Here’s hoping our porter has our roomette in sleeping mode so we can change into jammies, brush our teeth, and slip into our bunk beds. Looking forward to a good sleep as our train wends it’s way toward into Virginia and beyond.




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