Traditions Old and New


Celebrating Christmas with Dave and the girls is a wonderful mix of traditions. We decorated the tree with ornaments old and newer. The first Riley hung was one she made way back in 3rd Grade. As Peyton hung the Snoopy ornament we were listening to The Royal Guardsmen’s Snoopy’s Christmas, the music that has accompanied our tree trimming for decades. A brand new tradition is Navajo Tacos for dinner sometime during the season and the David telling how his Lakota neighbor at Standing Rock fed him on Thanksgiving. And there’s Dave, Riley, and Peyton’s Christmas Eve tradition of pizza delivery and a Star Wars marathon, so we watched Rogue One in the local cinema then cuddled up at home to watch Attack of the Clones.  And we got to video chat with Greg, Rachel, and Linus. They told us they too had played Snoopy’s Christmas while trimming their tree. Apparently Linus was very anxious to go to sleep so that he could open presents when he woke up! Merry Christmas, Everyone!



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  1. Nathan Brown

    I was playing Snoopy’s Christmas while wrapping presents. Great minds, they say.

    Can’t go wrong with some Star Wars, good choice.


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