And Then to nüCamp 

Road Trip

Since our original plans had been to drop off Gigi and do the paperwork at Haydocy then go to nüCamp to pick up the 400, nothing would do but to continue on to Sugarcreek where we were met in the lobby by Jeremy. It soon became apparent to Jeremy that we were well known to many at nüCamp but he introduced us to several people in the new Sales and Marketing department. We had good visits with Joe, Alan, Scott and Jesse among others. As we were preparing to depart we had the chance to give Elsie a tour of our 400 in the parking lot. We ended the day at Coshocton KOA and quickly decided to make it a two night stay as guests of Ryan and Camille to give us an opportunity to begin settling into our new home.




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Cobh on Our Own

Cobh on Our Own

For our first adventure together on the Emerald Isle, we walked the streets of Cobh, County Cork, explored St Colman’s Cathedral, and visited the Cobh Heritage Center.