A Sugarcreek Vista

2017 New England, Ohio, Road Trip

Sugarcreek called us back again. Turns out our 400 needed one more tweak. We’re camped tonight in one of the nüCamp courtesy sites. Tomorrow we’ll turn our baby over to Marvin for a battery change out then we’ll be on our way. For now though it’s glorious to watch the sun dance on the fields behind the factory, to walk among the teardrops and truck campers awaiting delivery, and to converse for a few minutes with Pat, one of the transport drivers.




  1. Brian

    I hope the 400 is now all set for her first full season. Will she be building a map as her predecessors have done, and has the awning arrived?

  2. Brian

    Future posts indicate yes for the map, no on the awning.

  3. Steve & Karen

    Definitely a map. We’re on the lookout for one. Checking every camp store we encounter. No decision yet on a visor/awning/tent. They are just now becoming available for the 400 and we’re still determining what we need in a side shelter.


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