General Delivery

2017 New England, Maine, Road Trip

It’s not unusual for people to ask us how we get our mail on the road. For someone doing a long trip once in a lifetime or once every few years, it may be okay to get a trusted friend or family member to help but if travel is a lifestyle, there are better options. There are services out there for full time RVers and several articles that you can find with just a google search. We’re not full timers but we’ve worked out a system, with a few hiccups along the way, since we started taking long wandering trips in 2008. We have a personal mail box (PMB) at a small business not far from our house. It’s our permanent mailing address these days. In our case it’s a accounting business and storefront FedEx, pack and ship, and mailbox service. When we are in town we stop by every few days and check the mail. When we are on the road we call every so often and make arrangements for them to ship our mail to wherever we are. Often to a relative’s or friend’s house. Generally it works quite well. Once in a while there’s a snafu. This time we wanted our mail shipped to a family member’s home in Boston but the package was delayed, it arrived two days after we left. So this time we tried something new. We had family send it on to us via Priority Mail to General Delivery in Brunswick, Maine. With a tracking number we were able to know when the package was ready for pickup. We just walked in, asked for our general delivery package, and showed an ID. We’re thinking this may trump FedEx delivery and may actually work for mail order packages too.




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Arctic Circle Ceremony

Arctic Circle Ceremony

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