Hiding in the Woods

2017 New England, Ohio, Road Trip

It’s one of those times we just need to be alone with our thoughts. Geneva State Park is serving us well in that regard. It’s mid-week and there are few fellow campers. The sites are spacious and nicely wooded. We’ve done the laundry, finally sifted through the mail we got last week, and defrosted the freezer. We sought assistance with a problem with the Alde but with the help of friends at nüCamp we’re now good to go. We’ve done more set up than we have all summer with the canopy and the tablecloth and the coffee table! Tonight was grill night so besides having a delicious steak dinner, the fridge is stocked with cooked goodies more several more meals. Tomorrow we’ll run a few errands but spend a lot of time just chilling.



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  1. Debi Ford

    So glad you are taking some down time to “just be”. It’s been an emotional 20 months for you, so chill out and enjoy.


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