Freeport: The Birthplace of Maine

2017 New England, Maine, Road Trip, States

With various visits with our neighbors yesterday morning it was afternoon by the time we headed north to the Freeport/Durham KOA where we settled in and dealt with the chore of laundry. Today we wandered into Freeport best known as the home of LL Bean. We found parking in Elk Park, it’s a bit ominous when a place is so big they name the parking lots! We browsed the camping department and found nothing tempting enough to add to our equipment. We did find a few items of clothing to replace some worn items in our wardrobe and walked away with some gift certificate rewards. Next we visited Jameson Tavern for a most delicious repast topped off by an amazing Maine Blueberry Pie at the site of the meetings that led to Maine statehood. Although according to a Freeport Historical Society statement no historical sources that verify the claim have been found, it still made us appreciate the tavern as a piece of history and led us to learn more about the history of the great State of Maine.




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All Because of an Eclipse

All Because of an Eclipse

It was a fabulous opportunity to not only view the 2024 Solar Eclipse from within the path of totality but also to enjoy a five day weekend with friends from the T@B trailer community at Ohio’s East Harbor State Park on the shore of Lake Erie.