Our destination today was the historic marker on the banks of French Creek where John Chapman/Johnny Appleseed lived and worked more than two hundred years ago. We parked, walked to the marker, took pictures, and discovered that this was the site of the 1787 Fort Franklin! After a delicious meal at Benjamin’s Roadhouse on Liberty Street, we stopped by the Franklin Area Visitor’s Center for a conversation with Jodi Lewis and to learn much more about the role of the community of Franklin in the history of Pennsylvania and of the nation including the site of four forts and the location of the nation’s first oil well. It’s an area well deserving of repeat visits!Oh, yes! And just outside of town we found a True Value hardware. We hadn’t particularly been looking for one but welcomed the opportunity to browse the shelves and come away with a small armful of things we need.




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When Plans Go Awry

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