Milking Time

2018 Northeast, Ohio, Road Trip

It’s where Chipotle’s sour cream comes from, an Amish family dairy farm certified for its humane animal care. We were invited to watch the milking this afternoon. We were impressed with the care the family took with the process from the milking of the cows and the handling of the fresh milk to the feeding of the calves. Every one of their animals is named and each has her/his own personality. We also got to visit with the draft horses who work the farm and the thoroughbreds who pull the family’s buggies. And we were able to visit with members of the family as they were gathering for a backyard cookout on Sunday evening. As we were leaving, walking the path toward our friend’s’ house, we got to greet members of the extended family arriving on bicycles and in buggies. We are grateful for the friendships we have that allow us to spend time with these good and hardworking people.




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