2018 Northeast, Family

Welcome to our new domain! Ever since 2004 we have had our own website. It started with a simple homepage with a gallery of photos then grew to a blog hosted on Apple’s iWeb on which we chronicled our 2008 cross country road trip. In time Apple abandoned that service but our son stepped in. He got us started with WordPress software and hosted us on his private server, Light in the Basement aka litbt which enabled us to post our adventures as we have traveled with our various teardrop campers and celebrated milestones with family. As of today we’ve taken it a step further. We now have our own domain name. Thanks to guidance, support, and nudges from Greg! You can now follow our adventures at www.skwhee.com. One new feature is the opportunity to subscribe by email. Some features have changed a little and we will be tweaking others in the weeks to come. Let us know what you think!




  1. Jim Alonso

    Your new site is great! Haven’t followed in awhile, but these e-mail notices will be reminders. Sometime when you are home or closer to NE GA, we’d love to have you here to get caught up. We got back from the UK after your Deck Party. Love, Jim & Sharon

  2. Mary Lou

    Congratulations on your very own new website! It is a treat to get to share your experiences and travels with photos and commentary. Well done!

  3. Debi Ford and family

    Love the email option, let’s me know when to catch up!

  4. Sherri

    Very Cool! Subscribing……


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