On our very first visit to Minnesota we stayed at here at Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park but only as an overnight stay since we’d promised to be somewhere. This time we’re on Site #18 and we’ve deliberately allowed time to explore the park. Just a short distance from the campground a time capsule known as Forestville MN. In 1853 Felix Meighan, American born son of Irish immigrants, joined his childhood friend Robert Foster of Pennsylvania in this spot on the South Branch of the Root River and built a thriving general store that served as the center of the growing community. Then in 1868 the Southern Minnesota Railroad bypassed Forestville and the town began its decline. At the same time young Thomas Meighen was joining his father in business. Through the years Thomas purchased property inexpensively from his neighbors as they moved on to other communities until he owned the entire town. In 1905 he and his family moved to nearby Preston. In 1910 he closed his store forever. Today the Minnesota Historical Society operates the site and offers interpretive tours. We were the only ones to show up for the 12:30PM tour so we had plenty of opportunity to ask questions and interact with our knowledgeable tour guide.




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Cobh on Our Own

Cobh on Our Own

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