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It’s a once in a lifetime treat to walk into the oldest drinking establishment in Ireland for the first time! That’s what we did here in Athlone on the banks of the River Shannon in the heart of the country. Sean’s Bar is certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as The Oldest Public House in Ireland. Brendan met us on the sidewalk outside and gladly introduced us to the history of this pub back to it’s earliest days as Luian’s Bar, a mead house dating to 900 AD. This was a gathering place centuries before the building of the castle which now dominates the center of town. Of course we had to sample the fare with a platter of beers, some hard cider, and a taste of Sean’s Bar Irish Whiskey. And there was a bit of banter with other patrons. We also found some treasures at Truly Joyful, a local shop, and Lou got her hair cut at Downtown Hairstyles. When we returned to the car we realized that we’d had a bit of luck. We hadn’t realized that the Car Park was a Pay-and-Display but fortunately for us our car wasn’t clamped On to the next adventure!




  1. Mike Ogden

    Hi Karen,
    That pub is on my bucket list next time I go to Ireland. My great grandmother came from Athlone. I may still have family there for all I know. Looks like you and your sisters are having a great time.

    Mike Ogden

  2. Steve & Karen

    Sean’s Bar well deserves a place on your bucket list. We truly enjoyed the late morning visit we made so that we could talk with Brendan about the history of the place. Apparently they also do a history talk once daily and have music nightly which we didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy.


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